Valve to Leave Steam Greenlight Behind in Spring 2017

Valve recently announced on their blog the decision to drop the controversial game submission system, Steam Greenlight, later this year. Steam Greenlight is the front door developers use to submit games to Valve’s digital distribution platform, but for a price.

The company described Steam Greenlight as the “largest remaining obstacle” for their plans to give developers a direct path to publish on Steam. A new plan called “Steam Direct” will replace the dumped Greenlight in spring 2017, and developers will have to give a set of credentials like tax documents and company verification with a “recoupable application fee” for each title they wish Valve to distribute. It is also stated on the blog that after talking to developers and studios about the new fee, the feedback ranged from $100 (current fee) to $5000.

Valve’s decision to discontinue Greenlight will not make everyone in their community happy. With the barrier effectively gone what kind of games will now show up in Steam?

Via Steam Blog
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